Graziers Vat Cultured Butter - Salted

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Sierra Nevada Graziers-certified cream is cultured overnight, then churned to produce a high-fat, full flavor butter reminiscent of Old World European butters. Eating cultured dairy products like this from pasture-raised animals was a cornerstone of Dr. Weston A. Price's understanding of traditional, nutrient-dense diets.


The cows are out on pasture a minimum of 300 days a year, on small family farms in Northern California. At least 70% of their dietary intake comes from live grass, and then the rest made up of non-GMO silage and a small percentage of non-GMO grains. They are regularly rotated from paddock to paddock, fertilizing and maintaining their own pastures. With no more than three cows per acre, they can follow their natural feeding behaviors.


Ingredients: Graziers Certified pasturized cream, sea salt, cultures

*Foil wrapped square.