Evergreen Hawthorn & Goji Berry Tonic

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Product Caution: It may negatively interact with heart medications. Be sure to speak with a healthcare professional before consuming this product. 
Evergreen Acres Farm especially grows organic herbs. They have over 100 hawthorn berry trees and a lot of Goji berry, mulberry trees, ginger, and turmeric as well.
Hawthorn berries shots are made from their certified kitchen. All ingredients from their farm are organic and grown with local organic honey. No sugar, no thickness added, no Chemicals added.
Hawthorn berry’s high antioxidant content may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce inflammation, improve skin health, and aid digestion. 
Ingredients: all organic, hawthorn berries, goji berries, ginger, turmeric, honey
Suggested use: 1 to 2 oz a day
Side effects of hawthorn can include dizziness, nausea, and digestive symptoms. Hawthorn may interact in harmful ways with drugs, including some heart medications. If you're taking medication and you're considering using hawthorn, consult your health care provider.
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