Juice Shop Pineapple Mint Tonic

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Juice Shop is a local family business focused on producing juices and tonics. They only use 100% organic ingredients and all of our juices, elixirs, and nut milks are completely raw (no pasteurization or HPP).  They are made daily in small batches using a hydraulic press— widely known as the cold-press method. Unlike other juicing methods, hydraulic presses maintain the temperature of the produce and limit oxidation by slowly exerting thousands of pounds of pressure. This process protects the integrity of the plants’ cellular structure and, therefore, yields the purest form of extracted juice with the highest density of nutrients, enzymes, and flavor. 

Pineapple Tonic is made with pure mountain spring water, cold pressed juice, and adaptogens, to sustain energy and stamina while maintaining difestive flow. 


INGREDIENTS: Sparkling Mountain Spring Water, Cold-Pressed Pineapple Juice*, Cold-Pressed Pear Juice*, Cold-Pressed Mint Juice*, Blue Spirulina*, Ionic Trace Minerals*, Eleuthero*

*Certified Organic Ingredients