Oh Naturel Almond Date Butter Cookies

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Oh Naturel Gluten Free cookies were developed by Vanessa, a local businesswoman (who recently moved to New York) who came up with these recipes when she had to clean up her diet for health reasons. She could no longer have soy, gluten, dairy, and processed foods. This was a rough adjustment. She searched for flavorful foods or snacks with wholesome ingredients but could not readily find them. Consequently, she had to figure it out by adjusting her current recipes and creating new ones. 

This cookie is a twist on the old classic chocolate macadamia, made with organic, gluten free and vegan ingredients, and cruelty free vegan semi sweet chocolate chips. These bite size (for some) treats dance in the mouth with sweetness and earthiness. You'll be going back for more - good thing they're made only with healthy handpicked ingredients.

This cookies has a beautiful richness, smooth texture, and a hint of saltiness due to the almond butter, maple syrup, dates, and spices. 

*Contains tree nuts: coconut & almonds 

Ingredients: Blanched Almond Flour, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Organic Pure Maple Syrup, Organic Almond Butter, Organic Dates, Gluten Free Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Coconut chips (cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate and cocoa butter), Organic Spices (himalayan pink salt, organic cinnamon and organic vanilla extract), Raw Almonds

All ingredients are clean, fresh, vegan, soy free and *gluten free.  All packaging is compostable (meets ASTM 6400 standards) or recyclable.

 *All ingredients are Gluten Free but may have trace amounts of gluten allergy since Oh Naturel does not operate in a GF kitchen
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