Ancient Crunch Masa Traditional Tortilla Chips 5 oz

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The absolute best MASA classic tortilla chips on the planet that are handmade with only three natural ingredients. Nothing more! Seed oil-free, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and always handmade in small batches. When quality matters, grab a bag of MASA Traditional Tortilla Chips!

Their secret? 

Grass-fed tallow is used in world-famous foods like traditional Belgian Fries. That's why you'll feel satisfied on fewer calories, leaving you feeling your best.

With MASA, you can say goodbye to post-snack guilt by choosing chips without the cheap, processed oils.

Ingredients: Organic Corn, 100% Grass Fed Beef Tallow, Sea Salt (Redmond real salt)

Free from: Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, and Seed Oils

Made in the USA!


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