SFBMC Better 'n' Goldenseal 2 oz. (decongestant)

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San Francisco Botanical Medicine Clinic Better - n - Goldenseal This is a functional alternate to Goldenseal. Formulated specifically to ease the threat Goldenseal faces in the wild of overharvesting, we have combined 2 abundant local plants – Yerba Mansa and Oregon Grape - to do the same job. It is a very effective resolver of mucous membrane congestion, with the added bonus of having anti-bacterial properties internally as well as topically. It also stimulates the liver. NOT FOR USE IN PREGNANCY.

Ingredients: Wildcrafted root of Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolia), root of yerba mansa (Anemopsis californica), grain alcohol and water.

Herbal extracts are metabolically active. Please use responsibly and consult an herbalist if necessary.

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