SFBMC Echinacea MPS

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San Francisco Botanical Medicine Clinic is a San Francisco based organization devoted to providing affordable and effective health care through the modality of western herbal medicine as well as being an information resource for people interested in the use of botanical agents as medicine.

Echinacea MPS is an anti-inflammatory to physical structural tissue, increases the speed of healing damaged musculo-skeletal structures, boosts immune function in the short-term.  Stimulates the function of 4 types of cells that together oversee the tear-down and removal of damaged tissue, the transport of new building material to the injured site and the cells that build the new tissue with those materials.  Fantastic for speedy recovery from surgeries, broken bones, torn ligaments and tendons, strains, sprains, dental work, etc.  Beneficial for new and old injuries alike.

Ingredients:  Organic root of purple cone flower (Echinacea angustifolia), grain alcohol and water.

Herbal extracts are metabolically active. Please use responsibly and consult an herbalist if necessary.

The product description and their benefits were given by an Herbalist SFBMC specialist.

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