Vital Choice Albacore Tuna 6 oz.

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Unlike national brands, Vital Choice canned Albacore Tuna is cooked only once, to preserve its fresh flavor, firm texture, and healthful omega-3s. In addition to ample protein, Albacore provides omega-3s in abundance, and substantial amounts of vitamin D.


All Vital Choice Albacore comes from a North Pacific fishery in which smaller boats line-catch individual tuna using the sustainable troll method, which ensures careful handling of each fish, safety for dolphins, and very minimal bycatch. 

*Dolphin safe 

* No added oil, water or salt 

* Low sodium 

* Easy-open top 

* Certified Kosher (OU B.Y. & M.T.—full oversight) *

* Certified sustainable by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Thanks to its sustainable harvest and lower mercury content, albacore from this fishery is categorized as “Super Green” by Monterey Bay Aquarium. Vital Choice has this to say about their Albacore Tuna: "[It] is sustainably harvested by our neighbor Paul Hill, who quickly flash-freezes it on his small boat to preserve the fish at its peak of freshness. Because predatory fish such as tuna accumulate mercury over time, Paul provides us with younger, smaller Albacore tuna (14 lbs. or less) for optimal purity."