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Rupam's Herbals Toothsoap Peppermint

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“One Drop Only” toothsoap, full of organic trace minerals, flower essences and essential oils. Formulated to rebuild minerals in the tooth enamel, increase circulation in the gums and reduce bacteria in the mouth. “One Drop Only” tooth soap is free of fluoride, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial sweeteners, abrasive agents and vegetable glycerin. Glycerin, a main ingredient in most toothpastes, is a sticky substance that coats the teeth while brushing. It is difficult to rinse off the teeth and therefore prevents re-enamelization. Please use sparingly. One drop only on a wet toothbrush is all that’s needed.


Ingredients: Tedco Miracle Soap (pH balanced, potassium-magnesium-calcium rich), Himalayan Rock salt solution, stabilized oxygen, organic flower essences, organic essential oil of myrrh, organic essential oils of peppermint.


Rupam’s Dental Tip to naturally remove stains and whiten teeth: Polish your teeth using a wet cotton swab dipped in baking soda. With a bit of pressure, rub the tooth enamel only, avoiding the gums. Please do not brush with baking soda… it is too harsh on the gums, and leads to recession.

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