Just Granola (No Nuts, No Raisins) -- JAR

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A nut-free and raisin-free version of our Granola, packed in a returnable mason jar. Rolled oats are mixed with melted butter and coconut oil, massaged with Straus yogurt, then cultured overnight before adding the sweeteners and flavorings. The granola is then slow baked under low heat for over a day until crunchy, for a more digestible and nutrient-dense version of the classic! Add your own fresh or dried fruits, seeds, or nuts to taste, mix with milk or yogurt, or just snack on the go.

Ingredients: rolled oats,* yogurt*, butter,* maple syrup,* coconut oil,* brown rice syrup,* vanilla extract,* orange zest,* cinnamon,* cardamom,* nutmeg,* Celtic sea salt 

(* = organic)

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