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Frozen -- Ground Chicken with Broth-Based Puttanesca Sauce -- 16 oz

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The newest entry in our lineup of ground chicken "Meaty Pints." Our slow-cooked Puttanesca Sauce is packed with umami from kalamata olives, capers, Omega 3-rich anchovies, and of course our chicken bone broth. Broth-based sauces are present in many traditional diets to accompany meaty and starchy dishes, adding the digestive support and nutrient-density of bone broth, alongside nourishing plant foods like cooked tomatoes, olives, onions and herbs. In this dish, organic ground chicken is seared, mixed with caramelized onions and then simmered in our Puttanesca Sauce. Lovely on it's own, or serve with pasta, rice, roasted potatoes or on a bed of sauteed greens. Add a dollop of pesto for some extra green power!

Ingredients: ground chicken,* chicken bone broth,* onions,* crushed tomatoes,* tomato paste,* kalamata olives, parsley,* olive oil,* capers, garlic,* anchovies, Celtic sea salt, black pepper,* red chile pepper flakes*  (* = organic)

Recipe is Low Carb, Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and GAPS Diet-friendly.*

*Contains heated olive oil

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