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Frozen -- Ragu Bolognese (Meaty Pint)

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This traditional Ragu Bolognese is full of grassfed ground beef and pastured ground pork, enriched with bone broth and liver. Seasoned with tomato paste, onions, garlic and herbs, this dish can be eaten by itself or ladled over polenta, rice, gnocchi, pasta or a bed of sauteed greens. Also great layered into lasagne or other casseroles.

Ingredients: ground grassfed beef* and ground pastured pork, pork bone broth,* tomato paste* and puree,* onions,* carrots,* celery,* red wine,* pureed beef liver,* garlic, Celtic sea salt, parsley,* bay leaves,* oregano,* marjoram,* black pepper*  (* = organic)

Recipe is dairy-free, gluten-free and GAPS Diet-friendly. 



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